Cycling uphill


Delivering change and transformation can be difficult, but is the one thing that we all know is a constant. The pace of change continues to increase. It can become draining on you, your team and your organisation if you can’t keep going. That’s where ensuring you keep the momentum going to keep that enthusiasm for moving forward.

Think about the physics of momentum. I’m a cyclist, as those of you who’ve attended training courses will know. When you’re cycling it’s always much harder to get going again if you’ve had to stop (or really slowed down your peddling because you’re in too tough a gear on a climb). If you keep the momentum going in your peddles (by being in the right gear for the hill) then it’s much easier to maintain (or speed up) your pace. Being in the hard, grinding gear you loose all the momentum (and might even have to get off your bike and push!) So – lets apply that thinking to the workplace too and keep your momentum going.

Here’s a poster to brighten up your team wall for those of you back working in an office again – which summarises that 3Ms Help keep your Momentum going.

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