We all need help sometimes to realize our goals.

it-Howzat was founded to enable me to support individuals and organisations learn about the importance of developing and delivering our projects and services with the enthusiasm of a motivated team.

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“Thank you Jude for such wonderful training. This was one of the most interactive training courses I have attended and it wasn't just one sided. Happy to have so many take-aways from the course. Thank you again for all the clarifications throughout the session .”

Virtual training course delegate: Oct 2021

Main Services



Structured training courses (delivered virtually), typically lasting a few days enabling you and your teams to work together to learn a range of agile and continuous improvement topics aligned to industry recognized frameworks.


Agile Coaching

Bespoke agile coaching support, which can be provided on a call-off approach to enable you gain deadicated, expert support as an when you and your team require it.


Workshops & Seminars

Shorter virtual workshops or seminars on specific topics (from the longer training courses), to enable you and your teams to focus in on key areas for improvement.

Topics I Can Help You With

Jude Paterson
Agile Culture

Assess and explore the culture of your organisation.  This can be of particular benefit to an organisations leadership team to assist them in developing their agile culture maturity.

Vision & Goals

Learn techniques to assist in setting the vision for your Products – and explore how layered goals can assist you deliver value.

Product Ownership

Deriving from the Scrum framework, explore the role and techniques used by a Product Owner.

Scrum Master skills

From base Scrum Master skills to more advanced techniques – sharing approaches to enhance your ability to support your Scrum Team. 

Agile Project Management

Explore and learn about using an agile approach within a project environment. Both the Agile Project Management approach and agile agnostic approaches can be considered.

Continuous Improvement

Learn about Sankofa and how it supports a growth mindset to help you and your team continuously reflect and improve using retrospectives.

Lean Thinking

Explore the lean mindset, and learn about removing bottlenecks and waste from your processes.

Using Kanban

Kanban is more than creating a Kanban board. Learn how to use Kanban to focus on delivering value,  improve efficiencies and motivate your team.


What Clients Are Saying

“Was great to see the team again - even though it was virtual. The training interaction was way better than I imagined it would be.”
“What a brilliant workshop, well worth the time.”
"Everyone got involved. A really good session with well timed breaks and interactive exercises."
"Thanks for sharing your experience - obviously a trainer who's been there and done that. Doesn't just rely on the slides."
"Another great workshop Jude. Like your other course I attended it was really interactive and thought provoking."