Agile risk

Agile Approach

If your team, or organisation, are new to agile ways of working it can be really helpful to capture feedback on the team and organisational set-up to help you de-risk the approach being implemented.

As with all things agile, this feedback should be captured near the start of establishing the team, but then reviewed an updated as you work together into the future. It could even feed into team (or big team) retrospectives.

Agile Project Management, from the Agile Business Consortium promote the use of a Project Approach Questionaire (or PAQ for short), however may of you may not be using the AgilePM approach with your agile teams. Many of you may be using Scrum, or Kanban, or Scrumban or an in-house tailored approach. I’ve therefore tailored the PAQ into a more generic and agile agnostic set of queries, which I gather feedback on using a google form. Feel free to generate your own copy of my Agile Approach Risk Review using the below information.