Based in Ayrshire, Scotland we support our clients across the UK and Europe with a range of training and consultancy services. Services have been delivered to clients around the UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Sweden and India over the last few years.


Accredited Agile Project Management courses, AgilePM® using the Agile Business Consortium (DSDM) methodology, or alternatively the BCS Agile Foundation. A wide range of additional in-house courses are also available including Agile in a Day (an introduction), Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Kanban.

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Supporting your organisation deliver its projects by providing additional support and consultancy services. We can provide short consultancy and coaching support - ranging from an hour (via Skype) to extended projects and interim services via our team of consultants.

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Agile methods and techniques began their life within software development teams, and in recent years their benefits have now been adopted by organisations running a whole range of development and change projects. These don't need to be software related - the approaches can be applied just as well to a marketing or transformational change project as it can to one which requires the technical development of a solution.   It's not all about Scrum - whilst it has great use at a team level for operational developments, there are other agile approaches which are worth considering too. The Agile Business Consortium (previously DSDM) have a range of business and project focussed approaches. Their approaches are sector agnostic - making them easy to apply to a range of businesses. In the software sector, many are using DAD (Disciplined Agile Delivery) or SAFE (Scales Agile Framework).   Agile Agnostic Logo As an early signatory of Agile Agnostic, our founder Jude Paterson firmly believes in using the most appropriate tools and techniques (and therefore training) to support your business needs. IT-Howzat pride themselves in developing a relationship with their clients that goes beyond simply attending a training course and passing the exam. We offer follow on webinars and can arrange further coaching to enable course attendees to embed their new knowledge in your business. This is where we are different from some of the larger organisations to focus primarily on getting attendees on course and through exams.   We run in-house training courses to suit your organisations needs. These can be run as a block of days, or over separate days to meet with your business need. These courses can be arranged across the UK, or at international locations to ensure that staff across all of your sites are trained in the same manner. Groups of small businesses may link together to learn collectively (and share the savings of an in-house course).
It can also be beneficial to design a combined training and coaching programme to ensure that staff make the most of the opportunity to embed their new knowledge. When organisations are transforming into an agile approach then it is worth planning a change management programme to support the adopting of agile working.   To train a group of staff then contact us now to arrange a private courses at a location to suit your company. This will enable your staff to develop together and will save you money over the cost of sending them all to a public course.  

In-house courses in AgilePM® and Scrum are available now

so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

Finally, E-learning is available, providing a flexible and cost effective technique to enable you or your staff to become skilled in Agile Project Management and gain the AgilePM® certifications (both Foundation and Practitioner). This means that wherever you are in the world you can start your agile training now.
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Agile Project Management Courses
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AgilePM® qualifications are developed by the Agile Business Consortium and certified by APMG, have been available since 2010 and since then have been adding value to projects around the globe. It is now the leading qualification in delivering Agile projects in the world.  
Agile PM Course
IT-Howzat provides a range of AgilePM® training courses, including classroom based and distance learning options. All courses are run with small class sizes to maintain good engagement with each of the candidates and provide practical examples of how the techniques covered have been used in industry. We also talk about how these approaches can be implemented into organisations that have previously used more traditional methods.   Contact us if you are interested in organising a in-house/private course so that we can provide a quote. Where a group of staff require training this will be substantially cheaper than sending them individually on public courses, where costs are in the region of £1295 +VAT per head. This doesn't need to be just one company, but could be a small group of companies that work closely together.
To see a selection of testimonials, and more details on the content of the Foundation and Practitioner course further information is available on our Agile Foundation & Practitioner Course Page.
When working in a product development environment, it may be more applicable to use Scrum on it's own rather than within the context of Agile Project Management.
Scrum Poster
We offer a range of Scrum training options, delivering training directly ourselves or via our partners - including Scrum Master and Product Owner training, which can be delivered to enable you to achieve your certification via or Scrum Alliance.   These courses are provided as in-house courses, so contact us to find out more and obtain a quote.   Our Free Scrum Framework chart can be downloaded and used by your teams even if you haven't attended one of our courses.
Agile PMO
Agile PMO
Delivering a complex portfolio of projects and programmes is often overseen by a PMO (Portfolio Management Office). In an increasingly lean and agile world, businesses are starting to re-asses how their PMOs can support them in delivering value. We support organisations in creating, or transforming their PMOs by creating a project center of excellence that becomes the goto place for support and information on their portfolio of projects and programmes. This is generally done through short consultancy days, supported by follow-on training and coaching workshops to help transform your portfolio. To find out how we can work with you to tailor and trasform your PMO, phone Jude on 0191 645 2727, or email via

Why not watch our Introduction to Agile PMOs, filmed at a session we ran in Edinburgh.

Consultancy is available covering a range of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management skills.
  • part-time supporting for your projects (eg 2 days a week for an agreed period)
  • Remote PM support worldwide
  • Support establishing a Lean/Agile PMO
  • Helping develop user stories to support Change Management
  • Project Management Methodology Review
  • Support scaling your Project Management approaches to support Portfolios and Programmes
  • Project documentation reviews (charged by part-day)
  • Mentoring & Coaching (Project or skills based)
  • Interim/Contract Resources such as Scrum Masters, Agile Project Managers
To find out more about some of our previous consultancy assignments have a look at our Consultancy Testimonials and Services.

Leadership for Business Agility

As leaders we would do well to consider the 9 principles that support the agile leadership of our organisations. These were developed by the Agile Business Consortium, as part of their suite of white papers on Business Agility. You can read it directly or by clicking on the below: If you’re interested in these principles…

Agile Ambassador

Following years of supporting the spread of agile knowledge and mindset to support your business develop and grow, earlier this year I was formally approached to become an International Ambassador for the Agile Business Consortium. You can find out more about the skills I bring to this role, where the consortium highlight the skills and…

User Persona

Digital Services need Users

Developing digital services using agile approaches need to team to consider the users (and indeed the non-users) of the service being developed. I’ve been doing some work recently with a client and the Agile Business Consortium that means we’ll need to capture a range of potential users for a digital service that is being developed.…

Space to be awesome

Senior Leaders, Project Managers and behaviours influence teams

Seems to be a hot topic this week – and it applies to traditional and agile delivery teams. People and leadership skills are key skills to enable your teams to be awesome. This week at Agile NE our speaker was Meri Williams who gave a great talk on “Awesome People Management with Agile”, where she…

Agile approach – consider risks

As part of adopting a approach to delivering your projects there are going to be a new set of risks which your organisation will face which need to be overcome. To support this the Agile Project Management (AgilePM) approach uses their Project Approach Questionnaire (PAQ) to assess the levels of risk throughout the project delivery.…

Scrum Poster

Scrum Framework Poster

Implementing Scrum? Free Scrum Framework poster available to download. You are free to download, print and share this image, however please include a reference to IT-Howzat as the source of the poster. ITH Scrum Framework Many lean and agile approaches encourage the use of visualisation to support the delivery of products. In addition to displaying…

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