That’s Not How we do it Round Here

I’ve long been a fan of John Kotter and his great change fable, My Iceberg is Melting. Today I was listening to a Change Management webinar hosted by APMG, and delivered by Cath Conway and Julie Dungate on That’s Not How we do it Round Here – his new book, also written using a story telling style. This time it’s not penguins but Meerkats. Sounds like a great read.

Rather than write lots about the talk – I’m going to share my sketchnote of the talk. This technique has been gaining in popularity recently as a great way to take notes and help you remember the content of meetings, talks, conferences…anything where you’re listening.

Change is something that affects all of us and it’s a really interesting topic to learn more about. If you, or your organisation are interested in learning more about how these techniques can help you then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thats Not How We Do It Round Here Sketchnote

Jude Paterson
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Its important to realise that people skills are just as important as the traditional project process skills. My shorter workshops, or coaching can focus on key mindsets and behaviours to provide approaches to help you deliver value to your organisation.

My training expands your skills, making you a more effective part of a project team, whither you are a business sponsor, a project manager, a business visionary or a team member to name a few. Whatever your role we can help expand your skills.

My career provides a wealth of experience in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M) both in the UK and overseas bringing experience to organisations from both a public and private sector perspective gained over the last 23 years. My strong P3M skills using tailored MSP, Prince2 and Agile methodologies have been utilised in a variety of industries including healthcare, intelligent transport systems, rail, banking, local authority and education. I am also an effective translator of business needs into transformation roadmaps. These experiences mean our training is supported with real life experience and stories.

Outside of work I enjoy travel, and have used my project and risk management skills to help me travel in many remote locations across the African continent. So if you’re more interested in an inspirational speaker, then these experiences can be used to engage with your audience.