Free reference materials, videos and presentations that IT-Howzat have developed and share with you as part of our commitment to enhancing programme, project and agile thinking within your organisations.

Leadership for Business Agility
As leaders we would do well to consider the 9 principles that support the agile leadership of our organisations. These
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User Persona
Digital Services need Users
Developing digital services using agile approaches need to team to consider the users (and indeed the non-users) of the service
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Space to be awesome
Senior Leaders, Project Managers and behaviours influence teams
Seems to be a hot topic this week – and it applies to traditional and agile delivery teams. People and
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Agile approach – consider risks
As part of adopting a approach to delivering your projects there are going to be a new set of risks
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Scrum Poster
Scrum Framework Poster
Implementing Scrum? Free Scrum Framework poster available to download. You are free to download, print and share this image, however
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Agile PMO Edinburgh
Introduction to an Agile PMO
Watch the video of our Agile PMO session held in Edinburgh in September 2016. Hosted at Standard Life join the
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ITS Crocodiles Agile Adinkra
Crocodiles, Agile & ITS Delivery
Jude wrote this article on behalf of Nicander which was published in the ITS UK Magazine. To enable the delivery
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Newcastle Falcons
Expo North East where we became crocodiles!
Last week Jude was one of the speakers at Expo North East, held in the Newcastle Falcon’s rugby ground. Perfect
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Agile development
Traffic InfraTech Article
Jude Paterson’s article about into how agile approaches can help in the development of Intelligent Transport Systems. was published this
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Agile for SME businesses
Agile for an SME
It's not all about software development - Agile techniques can be used to help businesses grow as well as for
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White paper on Agile
White Paper – Delivering Agility to your Programmes
Following the publication of the Agile Programme Management framework by the DSDM consortium, with associated accredited exams by APMG, I
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