Free Agile Training Opportunity in Sunderland

Last week I attended the Digital Skills Summit in the North East – where businesses and training organisations were discussing the need to attract people into the Tech sector. Whilst much of the discussion as around expanding the entry level opportunities there was also an interesting discussion about both retaining existing staff and also attracting them from locations outwith the NE (the London returners).

As a locally based skills provider – with a specialism in all things agile and project management – I am current able to offer fully funded places to North East based SME companies on a one day Agile Introduction course which is running in Sunderland.

Funded agile training in action

If your company is based in Northumberland, Newcastle, Sunderland, Gateshead, County Durham to name a few – then please get in touch to book your FREE place for a day’s professional development. If you’re based further afield then don’t be shy – get in touch and we’ll see what we can offer you too.

Have a look at some of the feedback from this course previously – just think. This could be you getting the opportunity for a day’s professional development that your company doesn’t have to pay for!

Good intro to agile. Interesting real – life examples
Product Owner
Interactive course.
Also liked learning from other members on the course
Delivery Manager
Opportunity to speak with people who are actually using these (agile) techniques
Managing Director
Good to chat with others and learn from experience.
Great course – covered more than I expected
Customer Relationship Manager
Training was really engaging and informative
Customer Relationship Manager
It was a good intro to agile and fun with different exercises.
IT Consultant
Practical examples, good explanations and networking were the areas I liked most about the course.
Lead Developer
Encouragement for discussion was really good.
Software Development Consultant
Having attended similar courses this was one that felt the most reflective of the real world implementation of agile.
Senior Software Development Consultant
To be fair this was an introductory course, but we did cover some advance real-world areas that I got a lot of value from.
Senior Software Development Consultant
It was very specific to the real world problems faced in doing agile.
Senior Software Development Consultant