ITS UK July 2016 cover

ITS-UK Review article

Are you looking for a new way to help you remember the behaviours you’d like to see from your staff? Our article, “Crocodiles, Agile & ITS” introduces you why you need to become more of a crocodile to survive. The article was published in the July edition of the ITS UK Review magazine, and can…

Team Facilitation

Workshops in action

Workshops are a great way to get different groups together to discuss and agree a way forward for a particular objective. One such workshop that I recently attended as a Project Consultant was a Big Team Retrospective . Find out how we used Ketso to support the workshop.

ITS Crocodiles Agile Adinkra

Crocodiles, Agile & ITS Delivery

Jude wrote this article on behalf of Nicander which was published in the ITS UK Magazine. To enable the delivery of ITS which meets the demands of clients and the end user, solutions are increasingly required which can be delivered more quickly using an adaptable approach. So, what does this have to do with crocodiles?…

African Adinkra Agile – Siamese Crocodiles

Continuing this series of articles where we are introduced to African Adinkra Agile which has helped me through many years of Project Management. It doesn’t matter what industry you work on, or which type of projects you are involved with this way of thinking can help you deliver more value for your business.

Adinkra fabric printing

A Journey to Africa and back – African Adinkra Agile

During the early part of my career I spent a number of years living and working in Ghana, West Africa. Through this I gained a wealth of life experiences, many of which have been influential through my career. This series of articles will introduce you to African Adinkra Agile which has helped me through many years from my journey to Africa and back.

Newcastle Falcons

Expo North East where we became crocodiles!

Last week Jude was one of the speakers at Expo North East, held in the Newcastle Falcon’s rugby ground. Perfect venue to watch some sporting scrums while introducing the audience to agile. The talk was well received and generated some interesting questions from teams who were struggling to get their customer to go live with…

ExpoScotland – and Agile4Biz

Great day yesterday at ExpoScotland which was held at Hampden in Glasgow. We had a stand during the day, but also gave a talk on introducing Agile4Biz. I’ve uploaded the slides from my presentation onto the resources page.

Agile Retrospectives

As part of a recent project I drew the below Sketchnote to depict some of the key messages associated with running a retrospective. Retrospectives are a great way to review any piece of work that you’ve been involved with – indeed its a technique that you are likely to use outside of work too. I’m…